Truck Accidents

Trucking accidents come from either error in driving or mechanical failures. Some of the most common accidents include:

  • Jackknife
  • Underride
  • No-zone
  • Oversize load

Jackknifing happens when the trailer of the truck pushes up past the tractor, leaving the vehicle in a “jackknife” position on the road, posing danger to other driver’s; usually the result of improper braking because of slick roads or high speeds. An underride accident happens when another vehicle crashes into the trailer, often from lack of visibility. In order to avoid this, truckers will place reflective tape on their trucks for late night driving.

The no-zones are the four blind-spot areas of the truck where other drivers should avoid, such as directly behind the rear, directly in front of the bed, from the side-view mirror up to the front of the trailer, and from the side-view mirror down the trailer of the truck. In oversized loads, the excess weight makes it more difficult to stop or slow in time in case of an emergency. This can lead to damage to the vehicle itself and may cause a combination of any of the other accidents.

After any of these dangerous accidents happen, it is important to contact experienced lawyers for legal help, as the driver may be entitled to some compensation if a judge or jury finds the trucker negligent. The Texas 18-wheeler accident lawyers at Williams Kherkher have several years of experience in truck accident cases.

The driver may be eligible for compensation to cover medical expenses, lost wages from time off work, or property damage on their own vehicle. The most important thing to focus on after a tragic accident is a healthy recovery, so calling a lawyer to help with all the rest is highly recommended.

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